GAU in 11 Steps

Discover the 11 Steps GAU!


1. Our new students who have completed their registration requirements through the main campus or registration offices in Turkey are to inform the registration offices concerning their arrival details (day, date, time; sea or air ways) between the dates of 19-30 September 2016 via registration offices for the reception facility.

2. New arrival students to the Island will be welcomed by our university at TRNC/Ercan Airport and will be accommodated to relevant places in Girne. Students require informing the representative offices or the main campus on their day and time of arrivals for the reception facilities.

3. Students who arrive to Girne will be transferred to the main campus on the day of arrival or the next day either from the dormitories or central Girne in order to receive information and brochures from GAU Help Desks.

4. Students who will be registering to English medium departments are able to complete their English Placement Test procedures (exam password) via web site by obtaining their passwords and user names from our online system and those who are not able to do so, they can visit the Millennium building to get assistance from the English Foundation teachers and use the computer labs located at the ground floor for completing their English Placement exam procedures.

5. Students who pay their school fees by installment for the Turkish medium departments will visit the academic advisors for the relevant departments (Offices numbered 1,2 and 3) to complete their course registration process.

6. Students who have been placed to relevant level classes following the results of English Placement exam;

  • Students who pay by installments will complete their process by signing the installment agreement at the student affairs office accounting department by 28 September 2016.
  • Students, who have entered the English Placement exam and were successful accordingly to their results thus transferred to their departments, will obtain the name of their academic advisors from the relevant faculty secretariats and complete their course registration process.

7. Students who have completed their registration process will be able to attend courses, accordingly to the course program provided, by 3 October 2016.

8. Students can receive help via faculty numbers given on the map provided and through the inquiry centers as they explore the campus.

9. All new students are obliged to participate in the ‘general orientation’ presentation that will be informative about all orientations to be held on September 2016.

10. Our students can receive further assistance and help by visiting Student Affairs Services or inquiry centers located within the campus.

11. Students, who have completed their course registration process, are able to collect their Student ID cards in person by signature from the help desk located at the front of Student Affairs building.

Note: Students who pay their educational fees by installments are required to sign the (monthly installment) agreement at the Student Affairs Accounting office. Students who will pay their educational fees annually or semester in advance are not required to have the accounting confirmation. These students can complete their course registration processes by only visiting their academic advisors.

Note: Students who are included in the package program are able to receive their food service by 8 October 2014.